Just what is a chhota peg?

A chhota peg refers to three objects, one in the public domain, one not, and one in a currently half-dormant, crepuscular state:

1. Object 1. A 30 ml serving of alcohol, preferably single malt whiskey, and even more preferably, served in units of two (or more) chhota pegs. This definition is circular but entirely reasonable, so we will leave it at that.

For more information, see here, and for additional enlightenment, also check out the Patiala peg, which makes no further appearance in this posting.

2. Object 2. A series of small videos made by me, for the enjoyment of my primary and extended family. Some of these chhota pegs will leak onto my blog in due course.

3. Object 3. This blog, still half-asleep, still to be born. What will it contain? I don't have a clue. But We Shall Find Out.


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